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Creative Sand

About Sand Art

untitled-3.jpgSand Art is a fun arts & crafts activity for children (3+ years). It is enjoyed from pre schoolers to teenages, who love creating with coloured sand.

Sand Art is widely used by schools, pre-schools, community groups, at family events, kids birthday parties, fundraisers, festivals, corporate events and at home.

Sand Art with template pictures:

It is arts & crafts activity, where you 'paint' a template picture with coloured sand. Template pictures have sticky layers underneath and once the top film is peeled, you can sprinkle coloured sand, which sticks straight to the exposed sticky layer. So no messy glue is needed. We offer A4 size cards to make the activity easier for little hands. 

Sand Art with bottles/containers:

Another Sand Art acitivity is with bottles or fun containers, where different coloured sand is layered into containers creating a colourful effect. 


Benefits of Sand Art

So we all know that letting kids express themselves creatively is very important for their development, but how exactly does Sand Art help children with development of their academic and cognitive skills? 

* Enchances Colour Recognition

Playing with sand art is a great way to increase a child’s ability to label colours. It also helps children understand what happens when certain colours are mixed together. At Creative Sand events, we often see children use very different colours from what we as adults would normally use (for example colouring sky blue would be a logical colour for us), which proves the limitless imagination of a young mind. 

* Increases Fine Motor Skills

Playing with sand art requires a certain amount of fine motor control and manipulation. 

The child has to pour/sprinkle sand carefully and then add more if required. For some, this may take time and be a little messy, but once done, they have improved their skills in this area.


* Involves Planning and Organization

Creating the perfect sand art master piece takes planning as the child has to decide how much of one colour to use before beginning the next one. They also have to decide what type of pattern or design they want to paint their picture. This involves thinking and reasoning skills as well. 

* Boosts Creativity and Imagination

The creativity begins when the child chooses the picture they would like to colour. Then they choose what coloured sand they will use and in what order. Will it be a one-colour backgroun or a fun rainbow one? No matter what they decide, they are using their imagination to do it.

* Allows Kids to Make Choices

Sand art involves so many decisions and choices. Making these decisions allows kids to become more independent while also discovering their likes and dislikes.