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Creative Sand



1. Peel off the outline of your selected template card using a plastic pick (to make peeling easier). Be careful not to lift adjoining areas. The outline is now sticky. 

2. Choose a colour and sprinkle it over the sticky area. Turn the card over and tap it on the backto remove the excess sand. Repeat the same action if you'd like the colour to be darker. 

3. Peel off next area and sprinkle another colour and repeat the motion until the template picture is completed coloured in. Use your creativity! 

4. Finally peel of the background and sprinkle sand in different areas to create whatever shares and colours you desire (for example: rainbow background). 

5. Congratulations! You are now a Sand Art artist. Put your completed picture in a protective plastic pocket or laminate it. 


Tips and Tricks

  • Younger children might need help lifting the sticky paper (but will enjoy peeling the paper and pouring the sand themselves). 
  • Always start with the smaller areas inside an object and remove the background last.
  • Mix different colours for interesting variations.
  • If the sand gets damp or wet, place in open bowls in the sun/oven until dry.
  • To cover a bigger area, first pour a heap of sand on the one side of the area. Slowly tip the card sideways and let the sand roll down the card.
  • Avoid working outside on misty days as the sand will get damp.
  • Make sure the surface of where you will be creating your picture is completely dry before you start.